Mauritius -Yoga Teacher Training

Train with International Yoga Teachers

Dates: August 2017


Daily Training Schedule

The Yoga Training will be filled with exciting challenges each day. Please be prepared to focus your energy on the training. Ensure you are well rested each evening in preparation for the early morning start time.

Remember, this is an Intensive Immersion - it's hard work, but wonderful work! When considering our intensive immersion program it is really important to ask yourself: "Am I Ready for the Intensity?"

We want to ensure that students are prepared. This program is living, eating, practicing, learning and breathing yoga from the moment you arrive, until the moment you leave. You have to be prepared mentally and physically as the days are long and a well-rested evening is important. Even though we share this with all students in advance, sometimes students can be overwhelmed by the amount of learning and focus that is required. It is hard work, hard play, but most importantly, it is a life changing experience.

Remember that this yoga training is about an entire experience. How you carry yourself at all times, from the time you arrive in the morning until the final session of the evening, is part of the entire experience of Yoga and every one of its elements. Focus on the present, every hour of every day. Let everything else go and be fully immersed. We ask that during this program you "Live Your Yoga" and that is much more than simply learning postures.

Although we are practicing and learning in a beautiful setting, during your training there is no allotted time to explore the area. Your training days are devoted to helping you become the very best Yoga Teacher you can be. While we do provide periods of downtime in which you can catch your breath and process what has been taking place physically and mentally, these times of reflection will take place on-site. Please plan to explore and discover the country you are visiting before or after your teacher training.

Daily Training Schedule:

Arrival Day: 12h00 Welcome, Orientation & Dinner

6h30 - 8h30
Meditation & Raja Yoga
Certification Requirements
8h30 - 9h30 Breakfast

Certification is available having met the following course requirements:
* attend all daily sessions;
* complete and pass written exams;
* complete and pass practical exams;
* complete 6 months online training.

Application: If you fulfill the Certification Requirements - you are welcome to apply online here!

9h30 - 13h00Yoga theory/practical
13h00 - 15h00 Lunch
15h00 - 17h00Yoga practical
19h00 -20h00Dinner
20h00 -21h00Meditation & Satsanga
(Schedule subject to change)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

On the start of the training program - what time can I arrive?
You can arrive at 12:00 noon at the guest house. Although the program only starts at 16h00 - you can take this opportunity to settle in and explore the beautiful surroundings.

Is this the initial training for Yoga Teachers?
Yes, this is first program that all prospective teachers attend. There are opportunities for teachers to continue on with advanced programming thereafter. When you complete this 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program, you will be certified to teach Hatha Yoga Classes.

How can you cover 200 Hours in 16 days?
In 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 160 hours must be contact hours - where you have access to one or both principle Yoga Trainers. Every hour you are in the training is allocated to this total. Silent meals are inclusive in your hours as they are teaching periods. During meals that are not silent, but require Karma Service, the time is also accounted for. This also applies if Karma Service happens outside of meal times. Additional non-contact hours are part of your post-program requirements after the intensive training and these are also accounted for and why they must be successfully completed.

Housekeeping | Karma Clean Student Responsibilities
During the training, each person will be assigned to a small daily task to assist of the overall maintenance of the training venue- this should take 15 minutes of your time each day, and it benefits the whole group. This is part of Karma Yoga.

Why are some Meals in Silence?
Your entire day of programming contributes to your hours for the training. The meals that are in silence specifically contribute to your meditation practice and the hours we allot.

May your participation into our Yoga Teacher Training in Mauritius

remain engraved in your memory forever.