Mauritius -Yoga Teacher Training

Train with International Yoga Teachers

Dates: August 2017


Cirriculum & Admission Requirements

Our Yoga Training
Our Training focus on Classic Yoga - hatha yoga postures with emphasis on inner awareness and importance of breath (Integral Vinyasa Yoga). As one of the oldest Yoga Training school in South Africa, we strive to produce exceptional qualified Yoga Teachers all over the world. We train you to become skilled and to be a powerful, confident, positive Yoga Teacher.

We are a Registered Yoga School (RYC) with Yoga Alliance SA. All graduates of an RYS are eligible to register and hold Yoga Alliance Accreditation as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT).

The training provides a traditional holistic approach to yoga, combining hatha yoga instruction, meditation, chanting, pranayama, anatomy and physiology e.g.
* learning the basics of the most important yoga postures;
* learning how to modify the postures to suit your goals and flexibility;
* experiencing the vital link between yoga postures and meditation;
* exploring the important topics of Raja yoga and the yoga sutras of Patanjali;
* ensuring a safer and deeper practice by learning anatomy and physiology;
* spending 2-3 hours a day enjoying and absorbing yourself into hatha yoga;
* learning to teach those with special needs: senior citizens & children;
* developing confidence in your teaching skills;
* learning how to organise and present classes, etc.

Like all Registered Yoga Schools, our Yoga Teacher Training program is required to offer a curriculum based on the guidelines issued by Yoga Alliance. Within these programs is where prospective students will find the differences in how the curriculum is delivered.

Our curriculum has an intense focus in Technique Training, which is essential for new teachers. However, our program also offers variety in many areas to ensure authentic yoga training - not what is trendy. Our cirriculum includes the following:

* History of Yoga.
* Styles of Yoga.
* Yoga Philosophy.
* Teaching Methodology, Sequencing & Training.
* Asana (Postures).
* Applied Anatomy & Physiology.
* Raja Yoga (Meditation).
* Pranayama (Breath Techniques).
* Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers.
* Lifestyle & Ethics of Yoga Teachers.
* Pre & Post Natal Yoga.
* Assisting & Adjusting.
* Subtle Energies & Chakras.
* Bandhas, Mudras & Kriyas.
* Yoga for Special Needs: Children and Seniors.
* Practicum Teaching.
* Discussion Sessions.
* Business of Yoga.
* Practicum Evaluation, Assessments & final Written Examination.

Certification/Graduation Requirements
Certification is available having met the following course requirements:
* attend all daily sessions;
* complete and pass all written exams;
* complete and pass all practical exams;
* complete and pass 6 months online training.




Admission Requirements

To be considered for our Yoga Teacher Training program, you must comply with the following Admission Requirements:

* Yoga practice & experience: minimum 1-2 years with a qualified yoga teacher.
* 21 years of age or older.
* Successfully attained Matric (high school or equivalent schooling).
* Have completed the on-line, admission, application
* Have an English level that allows for reading, writing & speaking to a level of full comprehension.
* Must not have a severe medical condition that will preclude a student from participating.
* Refrain from drug & alcohol use during the program.

Application: If you fulfill the Admission Requirements - you are welcome to apply online here!

Course Material

Included in your Training Fees:
* Full 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual.
* PDF book: Pranayama (Breathing) for Yoga Teachers.
* PDF book: Asana (postures).
* PDF book: Autobiography of a Yogi: PDF book (pre-required reading)
* PDF book: Enlightened Living by Swami Venkatesananda
* Personal Journal

Required Books: (not included)
* Yogabody: Anatomy, Kinesiology & Asana: Judith Lasater.
* Yoga Sutras: Swami Venkataesananda.

All text books needs to be in English. Please do not purchase any items, until your receive the official confirmation from our office.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is this the initial training for Yoga Teachers?
Yes, this is first program that all prospective teachers attend. There are opportunities for teachers to continue on with advanced programming thereafter. When you complete our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program you will be certified to teach Hatha Yoga Classes. Go here to apply for the Yoga Training.

Is Age an issue?
Yoga knows no age and it is never too late or too early to start. All students must be a minimum of 21 years of age to take the program, but from there on everyone is welcome in our programs.

What if I am new to Yoga?

Everyone is new to Yoga each and everyday. There is no perfection in Yoga, so everyone is welcome at the level they are at. In the program, we all start from the beginning, together!

Do I need my Yoga Mat?
Yes, please bring along your yoga mat and any other yoga accessories.

Is this just for people wanting to teach Yoga?

No - anyone wishing to delve deeper into their practice is welcome to join us. The skills and tools we learn in the program can be applied to many aspects of life. Yoga does not just happen on the mat - it happens in every moment!

Do I need to be fluent in English?
Yes. We welcome students from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Due to the intensity of the program, we require all students be fluent in the English language (reading, writing & speaking).

Do I Automatically Graduate if I Attend?
No. In order to successfully graduate from this training program, you must successfully meet the certification/graduation criteria (see above). It serves no purpose for us to simply pass students who are not ready or able to teach. It is unfair to you, to the public you may teach and to the integrity of our programming.

Are there official Evaluations & Examinations?
Yes. All students will complete 1 practicum (teaching a full class), 3 multiple choice quizzes, and 1 final written exam at the centre. Thereafter over six months, monthly multiple choice quizzes are required.

When I leave the program, will I be able to teach public classes?
Absolutely! Rest-assured that our program is not just a cookie-cutter program designed to get students in & out the door as quickly as we can. Our focus is you, the student, and the student becoming the teacher. Your teaching will be a direct reflection of our program and our intention is based on providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. We will have failed our students if we have provided them with anything less.












May your participation into our Yoga Teacher Training in Mauritius

remain engraved in your memory forever.