Yoga Teacher Training in Mauritius

Train with International Yoga Trainers in Paradise

Date: September 2017 (postponed)

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Welcome to the Mauritius Yoga Teacher Training Immersion


* Qualify as a Yoga Teacher and Teach anywhere in the World!

* This training is conducted by two very experienced and qualified Yoga Therapist & Trainers from South Africa.

* Accredited with Yoga Alliance (SA), this Yoga Teacher Training program certifies graduates as 200- hour Yoga Teachers.

* This yoga training takes place in Mauritius, an idyllic island of Africa, at a Guest House which is situated in a conservation marine sea park in the south of the island.

* Our Yoga Training is guaranteed to be a Life Changing Experience!


Why Choose Our Yoga Training Program?

Our Yoga Teacher Training is more than simply "learning to teach yoga." The program is designed to show our commitment to you as you entrust us with your journey.

These are some of the unique program benefits you will enjoy:
* The Yoga Teacher Training is conducted by international experienced and qualified Yoga Trainers from South Africa.
* The class sizes range from 8 to 12 students to ensure personal attention and care.
* Every student is evaluated according to their practical and written assessments. No student will ever leave the program without having taught a full class to their peer group, teachers and others. It is important for both you and us to know that you complete this training feeling confident and ready to teach yoga.
* You have an opportunity to explore and train on one of the most beautiful idilic islands in the world - Mauritius.
* The meals provided are nourishing, healthy and filling to ensure you have ample energy to feed your being during training,
* We strive to produce exceptional qualified Yoga Teachers all over the world and thus we train you to be a skilled, powerful, confident and positive Yoga Teacher.
* Our program follows the set guidelines created by Yoga Alliance, plus we offer students the opportunity to learn more than just postures. We offer an extensive yoga training curriculum - giving you a truly holistic experience.
* Students have direct access to the two Principle Teachers during the duration of the program.
* We provide students with the essential tools to be excellent yoga teachers and therefore we ensure that during the entire program, including meals & down time, we incorporate some aspect of the curriculum to ensure students success.


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Meet the Yoga Teacher Trainers

Yogacharya Dr. Anne (Annapurna) Combrinck

Yogacharya Dr. Martin (Mahesvara) Combrinck

BSc; NHDip (Chem) 1984; Yoga Teacher Certificate: 1986; Yoga Therapy Teacher Diploma: 1996; Ayurveda Practitioner Certificate: 1996; PhD (AM): 2015

Anne is one of the founders of Ananda Sanga Educational Institute since 1991. She has been teaching yoga since 1987. Senior Trainer of Yoga Teachers at Ananda Sanga since 2002. Lecturer and course facilitator for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) & Yoga Therapy Teacher Diploma.

Anne gave up a career at the CSIR, in Analytical Chemistry and Marine Research in 1992 (from 1977) to teach yoga and study further in the wellness and health field. She regularly writes articles for health magazines on yoga and related issues.

She has studied Kriya Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda in the USA and India with respected and well-known teachers. She has also completed study in various short courses in Nutrition; Touch for Health; Specialised Kinesiology; Brain Gym; Educational Kinesiology; and Vision Improvement, amongst others. She is also a facilitator and trainer in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & MYYO Technique.

BSocSc: 1986; Yoga Teacher Certificate: 1996; Yoga Therapy Teacher Diploma: 1999; Ayurveda Practitioner Certificate: 1999, Laughter Yoga Trainer & Coach: 2007; PhD (AM): 2015

Martin is one of the founders of Ananda Sanga Educational Institute since 1991. He studied Kriya Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda in the USA and India with respected and well-known teachers.

After spending 14 years in the media industry, he decided to remodel his focus to mind/body strategies. He is one of the trainers of Yoga Teachers at Ananda Sanga , since 2002. He lecturers on yoga, meditation, laughter yoga and ayurveda, nationally and internationally.

Martin is a qualified Laughter Yoga Professional Trainer and the founder of the Laughter Doctor. Anne & Martin are married and live in Somerset West, South Africa since 1991.


Our Yoga Trainings provides a different experience for different students, based on their own personal situation and development. Here are a few testimonials from our qualified Yoga Teachers:-

“I have changed a lot this year and the course has been a large part of it. People have said I seem happier and more at ease and comfortable with myself. I don't let things affect me as they used to either. Have also become more accepting and accommodating of others and looked at people in a new light, with more understanding and empathy, understanding the connection we all have in this Universe.” - AM, England

“The teachers at Ananda Sanga make you feel capable and positive at planning yoga classes and teaching yoga. We started teaching from the third day of the course. I also met wonderful people from all over the world.” - TC, Canada

“Since the Ananda Sanga YTT, I certainly feel better about myself and definitely approach life’s challenges with a calmer attitude. I’m less worried about things that in the past would have caused me immense stress. I’m definitely more confident to teach now. I find that some of my students feel like they can open up to me about their problems and I’ve somehow become a trusted confidant to many of them.” – VB, Cape Town, SA

“I feel very confident teaching others of all ages and abilities. Much love to you, Anne and Martin!! You are great!!” - Kym

“This YTT, has impacted my life in many, many different ways. My diet, my awareness, my feelings towards myself and other people, my inner strength has improved; I am calmer and more perceptive. Things do not affect me as much as they used to before. I feel more in touch with people, I empathise with people and situations more easily.” – JB, South Africa

“Besides the intensive Yoga training , the assignments [on-line] have been a good time to reflect on my yoga knowledge and return to some basics that are not necessarily incorporated in daily classes when teaching my students. They have helped to integrate the knowledge acquired during the course, especially by bringing the information back to conscious awareness. The tips and challenges at the end of each assignment have also been helpful to progress my personal practice.” – KC California, USA

“Everything about yoga and meditation and this new path after the YTT, seems to somehow resonate with something within me.” – CJ, South Africa


May your participation into our Yoga Teacher Training in Mauritius

remain engraved in your memory forever.